The world may run out of IP addresses in less than a year, according Infox.ru. Internet now works in an old IPv4 protocol, which allows you to allocate 4000 million unique IP addresses. In recent years, due to rapid growth in the number of users of digital services and devices that offer access to the network, the number of free addresses is near a critical point. Currently there are about 232 million, experts believe that in about 340 days there will be none.

Although the problem is not resolved, service providers will have to assign multiple users to a common direction, which makes impossible the performance of popular services such as, for example, Google Mail, Google Maps and iTunes. Not be able to function properly and as far as Internet telephony, every user needs a personal address, so one in 20 can not use this service. The solution is based on the changeover to the new IPv6 protocol, allowing each user on the planet have his address.

However, many companies have been slow to invest large sums of money in the development of new technologies. In addition to the reluctance of suppliers to invest, there is another obstacle to move to IPv6 lel. Old and new protocols are not compatible. All devices are currently working in the IPv4, should be transferred to the new. Producers will have to reprogram a large number of different techniques, and users will not only change the software, but also the hardware required to access the network.

The Windows and Mac operating systems, some smart phones are now able to support the new protocol. Large companies involved in providing social services are also taking measures for the transition. Appeared 30 years ago when IPv4, it appeared that the 4 billion addresses were sufficient. But back then there were still no personal computers, and nobody could have imagined that the mobile phone may need a separate address, simply because they had not yet invented the mobile phone. And the idea that IP address may be necessary in an air conditioner or a refrigerator, was totally absurd, said the experts, but it is a reality.



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