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THE INFORMATION  SUPERHIGHWAY.- equivalent to the daily intimate few decades ago.

Surely some of you  had at some point in his life, a notebook with notes on their daily routine, best known as a journal.which guarded the biggest secrets or concerns,in response to the natural human need to materialize their feelings and concerns into words.

With the advent of digital technologies, electronic record of this schedule was made possible and thus the phenomenon of blogging grew to extraordinary levels.

What does BLOG means? .- type of website which publishes a series of articles ordered chronologically from newest to oldest. Is characterized by the indefinite preservation of the works published until the author sees fit.

Besides personal blog that evoke individual diaries clearly weblogs are addressing other thematic, so we can find content journalistic, business, technological, educational and political, among others.

The first online space to store such pages dating from 1994, his addiction took place between 2000 and 2002 with the appearance, almost similtanea of the first tools of accommodation between them: Open Diary, LiveJornal, Pitas, Blogger y Dailykos; also developed manuals for mastering the new technique of  blogging .

This year the heyday of  blogging has grown enough to be one of the most popular services on the Internet. Among these types of sites or servers, according to statistics, the most popular are Blogger and WordPress.

Currently, all netizen can find endless number of tools to administer the site and enhance the visitor experience, so that you can include writing, multimedia, audio, video and links to other sites, among other things.

This web site is an interesting resource and over the years has become very easy to use by both youth and adults. I invite you to live the experience of publishing your ideas and everyday experiences in virtual superhighway



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