10 tips for corporate blogging

wsi ergaroCompanies with corporate blogs are 55% more traffic than the others: to improve results from Mashable we learn 10 tips to concentrate to reach communities.

First, set a theme of content and editorial line and be able to define the value you’re giving to consumers. In the case of blogs, it is essential to clearly define the topic of the blog that your team will follow. Choose a suitable name and choose a theme for your team, people with knowledge and ability to write on the items you want to cover. Guide yourself to your bloggers in the editorial line that you have set and choose the type of writing and editing process you want to wear out, determining the level of confidence you have in your process of blogging, editing and publishing.

It humanizes your company: your blog is the place to meet your customers: present it as a conversation between people, not between a brand and a person. So avoid the marketing and public relations simply adds value to your readers through the topics of discussion. In addition, a policy of welcome to the criticism, considering them an opportunity to get feedback and improve your brand.

The comments are both constructive and positive and negative, and spam: you must be prepared, determining a policy on these comments that your team can follow. More social than you can: make sure your blog is bound and open to comments from Facebook or Twitter. These tools facilitate the distribution of your content and your readers will promote your work.

Promote your blog entries and feedback and monitors, tracks, if your blog is a page within your site, make sure your analysis tools can monitor the data blog. If not, Google Analytics is a free analysis tool with an easy to use.

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