How to serve your Internet customers

Through Internet you can attend and listen to your customers in real time. Learn the keys to improving your relationship with them.

Customer service via the Internet has become one of the foundations of the business strategy of many companies. Today, the digital tools that Web 2.0 provides the human contact can be maintained and fluid with customers at a reasonable cost.

In the online world, the importance of customer service is higher than in the offline world, because there is no face to face contact between the customer and the company.

In addition, today’s competitive environment requires changing the way companies interact with their customers and the only way to ensure that competition is take them maintain a close relationship with them.

That is why if you drive well you interact on the Internet and web 2.0 tools can provide an excellent service. Here we give you a key that will be of much help:

1. Meet clients
Keep in mind the characteristics of your target audience and online behavior to build and adapt our website to different user profiles, interests and needs.

2. Change focus
Forget betting patterns to implement offline and web standards to make it more simple, convenient, practical and effective user experience possible.

3 Renew
Betting Tools 2.0 as “social media releases” with multimedia content, links, keywords, among other

4. Participate
Commitment to user participation to develop an open dialogue that encourages loyalty

5. Narrow
In case of detecting and negative content outside your organization on other sites considered a search engine optimization strategy.

On the other hand, email is the most used and simple to serve customers via the Internet. So you can optimize your communication in this environment, you should follow these tips:

– A full answer: Give them detailed solutions and indications of steps to be followed.
– Be honest: If your product does not match the prospect’s needs, or if you can help them, explain why and offer them alternatives.
– Be clear and concise in your responses.
– Refresh memory: when answering an email, it’s always good to include the original message from your prospect or cite specific portions of your message.
– Your spelling must be perfect: take the time to check spelling in your messages before sending.
– Avoid capital letters: it is against the rules of etiquette on the network and can be interpreted as you are SHOUTING!




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