Blogging to Build a Reputation Walking the talk

Blogging is a great way to show your customers, employees and other stakeholders that you’re serious about “walking the talk”. The Web has revolutionized the way business is conducted and it’s not only because you can connect with your prospects around the globe in the blink of an eye. It has also become easier for your customers to find your competitors or post feedback (positive or negative) on your products / services.

Transparency is the key to a “healthy” organizational climate. Blogging lets customers have a close (but structured) view of your operations and keeps your staff in the know of what’s happening in the organization. Rather than let perceptions roll asunder, you can maintain significant control of your business / brand reputation and stay connected with sustained and consistent blogging.

Blogging to get your message across…

  • It’s cost-effective Customer Relations Management (CRM): By providing a forum for your customers to talk about their experiences with your product and service, you’ll get the kudos directly and likely be the first to learn about “issues”. Helps you be better prepared for damage control!
  • A vital link to your employees: Staff buy-in is critical, no matter how brilliant your market strategy may be. Maintain a close connection by keeping your employees in the loop and build morale by acknowledging their contribution.
  • Sowing the seeds for innovation: Creative, new ideas offer a fertile ground for innovation and help you stay ahead of the game. What better way to get in to the mind of your consumers and/or stay in constant touch with their changing needs?

An Effective Corporate Blogging Strategy
Lets you build a strong and reliable brand image

How do you get your customers to see your company/brand as the best solution to resolve their problems? One highly effective method is by rolling out a strategic corporate blogging plan. Whether you’re a banker, a multinational company or the local grocer, bringing your clients on the same page as you requires a good deal of thinking, smart strategies and flawless execution by an effective team

Ten tips on creating a successful blogging forum:

1. Determine your purpose (and timeline) and a create a theme that’s in line with your USP
2. Select the right people to drive your message across
3. Be clear, concise and hard hitting
4. Make sure the process is seamless, have a growing library of information for ideas
5. Maintain a healthy dialogue and convey sincerity
6. Avoid “selling” and marketing overkill
7. Enjoy the praise but use negative feedback to take your service up a notch
8. Let your customers be your most avid promoters; use blogging for powerful word-of-mouth advertising
9. Make your clients aware of your blogging forums – engage, involve and inspire them!
10. Monitor and track your blogging efforts to optimize results

Blogging Your Way to a Successful Brand Image
TLearn what works from the experts

Reading about effective ways to create a blog does not necessarily prepare you for the important task ahead. You can’t afford hits and misses with your business reputation. Expert guidance and proven blogging strategies drive results sooner than later. There’s no harm in taking a page out of a best seller or learning from the gurus of effective blogging. What matters is building a stellar reputation that influences customer loyalty and motivates your employees to help you get the job done.

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