Optimize Your Web Site

Most consumers use the Internet. Learn about the features to get your site to be a magnet for customers.

Due to the influence of the Internet, today the vast majority of consumers looking for all in this platform. When they want to make a purchase go to it for information about products or services, so it is vital to have a Web site for business

Whether for sale or just promoting products and services, have your own website today is relatively simple and inexpensive, and can generate many benefits

Here we show six characteristics that your site must meet to be optimized for your business. Follow them and increase your online sales:

1. Usability
It is a basic requirement that your website is easy to navigate for users, so they quickly find what they want.

2. Quickly upload
A site that takes too long to display your images and upload their application will lose the attention and interest of cyber-client relationship. Take good care of the size of your images optimized for the Web format before uploading.

3. Browser Compatibility
Microsoft Internet Explorer remains the most used browser (with 64.6%), but in recent times has lost market share to other browsers such as Firefox which reaches 24.1%, Safari 4.4% and 3.6% Chrome. So says a study released by Net Applications on the Web browser market worldwide.

Therefore, the design of your website should have compatibility with all types of browsers. This could be different in each of the browsers, which could ruin your image and work.

4. Search Engine Optimization
Your site is optimized mean it is friendly to search engines, and will appear on the first page of search results for keywords that define your business. This is accomplished through a thorough job of technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization), to be implemented continuously.

5. Attractive content
Carefully review the text of your Web site. Maintain a consistent writing, caring style, grammar and spelling. Besides constantly update it and worry about providing interesting facts.

6. Transaction Security
Security is always a key factor, much more when money transactions through non-attendance. Customers demand a good service for the time of payment online and have it give you a better image and performance.

To this end, we recommend using the services of an online billing portal that provides security guarantees, while variety of payment methods. PayPal is the most popular choice in these cases, but there are other services that depend on your region



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