10 Tips for creating successful tweets

If your corporate communication strategy has decided to include Twitter in their channels, then this information is for you.

Written by: Ana Paula Flores

Have you decided to take your marketing strategy to Twitter? It is important to know the possibilities of communication that you purchased and get ready for the challenges you face. As in other social networks will be exposed to criticism and questioning, capitalize them know that you will help improve your business reputation.

To increase your potential for success, you need to know the tools that this platform offers as well as the tricks and techniques used by experts to engage supporters and raise them in number.

Then we’ll give you 10 tips for creating successful tweets:

Develop good writing. Having just 140 characters to write you an idea requires good writing and clarity in your ideas. Practice makes perfect. Remember detect your mistakes and rewrite so that no new comets.
2. Look at the questions your customers you did last week. Make a list and start writing the questions. Now prepare tweets with them; remember that you can put links that lead to further information. In this tweet only send the formal response. Just 140 characters, use them wisely.
3. Your company has designed a special offer or promotion? Announce your followers on Twitter! Large companies design special offers and promotions for his followers on social networks, you can increase the fan base and fans through such tactics.
4. Your company will host an event or be present in some expo, conference or forum? Send an invitation to it via Twitter. Before you make sure it is open to the public and can enter, would be serious that you invite to an event where they were not allowed access. Within the same event also tweet what happens in real time, try to be very clear about your tweets, make them feel like they’re there.
5. Tweets statistics and interesting facts of the industry in which you move, and demonstrate that they know about it and you’re interested, causing confidence in your customers and prospects.
6. Be a guide. Some of your fans are new to the world of social networking. Give tips to exploit them better, teach them what tools they have. You can engage more people if they find in your tweets information to help them resolve their doubts.
7. Use hashtags. The # symbol before a word is responsible for creating hashtags. They help organize information and write tweets more searchable. Also lets you see trends in the topics of the day and know what they are writing Twitter users.
8. Use keywords in your tweets. If you do it with the rest of your content on the web, why not Twitter? Remember that SEO technique works on any platform online.
9. Link your activities on other social networks. Each time you update your Facebook page or corporate blog of the company placed the links to send to your followers to such content. Advertise them with a phrase that catches your attention and to motivate them to click.
10. Retwittea your followers. When the content is interesting and relevant to your followers retwittea, it’ll make them feel cared for and know that you take into account their views and concerns.

Now, start to twitter. Again, practice makes perfect. Over time you’ll discover how things work and what does not. It’s all about you try. Good luck!



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