Why capitalize on Traditional Media in Social Media?

Whether you’re a business, an artist, a journalist, a personality or any other person or entity that has a presence in traditional media is important that capitalize in Social Media today

The reality is that for someone who already has an audience in traditional media will make it easy to create a Social Networking community, and is more than simply create are connecting in these new media to people who already know or follow on television, radio or print.

Then I give you 5 reasons why you should capitalize your presence in traditional media Social Media Today

1. Get more out of your investment. If you are paying for advertising on these media (or you sponsor a program / content) the mere fact of inviting the audience to the media to get you in the social networks that use will help to grow the user base in your community, generating new ways to interact with them. But beware, do it right.
2. Create your own environment. The fact that you leverage your presence in traditional media to generate your own audience can help you at any given time with a community of sufficient size to generate a weight on your income. Very useful when you know your presence in traditional media will be for a short period. Recall that in traditional media each leaving my content I have to pay, but not in Social Media.
3. Because today you can still do it. Yes, the reality is that traditional media and governments have established rules, policies or laws that regulate the use of social networks, so the time is now. For example, in the case of artists / journalists, what if your contract with traditional media ban will generate its own community? You can?, If you signed it …
4. Let yourself be loved. If people want to interact with you, and you better do it directly (without intermediaries). The price of fame, and well implemented will generate a community with strong ties to you.
5. TransMedia. Tell your story in different media is very attractive and a tendency to rise with the ease that Social Media offers to complement traditional media, see you in the news, then you can have specific comments on the analysis of news via Twitter generates a new way to receive and process information, putting you and your presence in traditional media in a model that is a common practice among traditional media and Social Media. Since we can not even speak of a blue ocean is just something you’d better learn to use.
Three simple and crude example of what you monetize your presence could help achieve.

 If you were an artist / actor. An artist / actor who has a large and active community can be more attractive to traditional media projects for the value of their community.
Background: An artist “A” is a community of one million people, and an artist “B” has no presence in the Social Networks and the level of activity between the artist “A” and “B” is similar
Location: The producer of a play has to choose between the artist “A” and “B” for the role.
Analysis: If you choose the artist “A” will have access to their community to “invite” to see the play where it appears to the artist, an invitation to a certain percentage of the community will definitely respond. If you choose the artist “B” will not have prior access to any community.
Conclusion: Who do you think you choose?

 If you were a journalist. A journalist that has a large and active community can be more attractive to a traditional media company, since the contractor is bringing to the business community. Similarly, the “let go” would lose access to your community, and rating them and traffic is everything.
 If you were a business. Having a community with which you can interact and create business opportunities for hard times when you can reduce your spending on traditional media generating savings without affecting your income.
I hope this article helps to think and act today in building their community in social networks, if you’re not famous. You will not regret.

Jorge Avila



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