The Top 6 Enemies of Your Sales Success

Think your competitors are your worst enemies? Think again. Your worst enemies — the people most likely to keep you from making a sale — work right inside your own firm!

  • Typical Job Titles: Sales Rep, Sales Associate, Sales Agent, etc.


  • Distinguishing Characteristic: She always makes her numbers, even though she never seems to be working very hard.



  • Why She’s Your Enemy: She is determined to build her sales career at your expense.


  • How She Screws You Up: She claims all the easily-closed customer accounts and leaves the difficult accounts (i.e. the ones that will take time and effort to close) for the rest of the team.
  • How To Cope With Her: Get a commitment from your manager to rotate who gets first crack at incoming sales leads.


  • Warning: If your manager is doling out the leads and she keeps getting the easy ones, it’s highly probable that some form of favoritism is going on, in which case, you have two choice: leave or live with it






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